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Highway 403 is a freeway that connects northeastern Mississauga to Woodstock, via Hamilton and Brantford. 

Until Summer 2003, Highway 403 was discontinuous through Burlington and Oakville, leaving two disconnected stretches of highway; one in Mississauga and the other from Woodstock to Burlington.  This 'gap' in Highway 403 was finally closed in 2003, when the 403 designation was added to the Queen Elizabeth Way through Burlington and Oakville.  Originally, Highway 403 was to be routed on a new alignment north of the QEW through the northern portions of Burlington and Oakville.  Construction commenced in the early 1990s on the first phase of this new alignment between the Freeman interchange and Highway 5.  However, this stretch of highway was never designated as Highway 403.  It was instead incorporated into the western leg of the GTA's new express toll route, Highway 407.  The section of Highway 407 through Burlington and Oakville opened to traffic in the Summer of 2001.

Highway 403 is the longest freeway in Ontario to not have exit numbers posted along its entire length.  For several years, exit numbers progressed only as far easterly as the Brant County line; the eastern most exit being for Garden Avenue.  In the spring of 2007, exit numbers started appearing first through Hamilton and Burlington, and later through Mississauga.  As of July, 2007 all exits along the 403, with the exception of the QEW and 401/410 interchanges have posted exit numbers.

Old Style King's Highway 403 Shield

  Western Terminus:  Junction Highway 401 in the southeast part of Woodstock.

Eastern Terminus:  At the 401/410 interchange in Mississauga.

Length:  (approx) 127 km

Multiplexes: 22.2 km with the QEW, and 9.0 km with Highway 24 through Brantford

Freeway:  Entire Length.  The 403 is four lanes from Highway 401 near Woodstock to the Lincoln Alexander Parkway in Hamilton.  It is 5 lanes (2-EB, 3-WB) from the Linc to Highway 8 in Hamilton.  From Highway 8 to the QEW, the 403 is six lanes wide, and the 403/QEW is again, six lanes wide.  The 403 is four lanes wide from the QEW to the 407.  6+2HOV lanes wide again from the 407 to Eastgate Parkway in Mississauga.  From Eastgate to the 401, Highway 403 is 10+2HOV lanes wide with a core/distributor system

AADT  (2002): Highest: 162,800, from Eglinton Avenue in Mississauga to the Highway 401 interchange;
                              Lowest:  20,100, from Highway 401 in Woodstock to Highway 53 (Oxford Road 55).

Road Info:  Highway 403 is in good condition for its entire length.  Through Hamilton, the highway is quite busy and winds through the narrow Chedoke Creek valley.  Due to several sharp curves through the valley, through Hamilton, Highway 403 has a posted speed limit of 90km/h.  The remainder of the highway has a 100km/h speed limit.


Highway 403 information:  

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Interchanges along Highway 403 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Exit # Intersecting Road North / West Control City South / East Control City
Township of Norwich --- King's Highway 401 (Autoroute M-C Freeway) - WB only London  
Township of Norwich 5 Highway 53 (Oxford Road 55) Eastwood Burford
County of Brant 21 Middle Townline Road (Brant Road 25) Princeton -----
County of Brant 27 King's Highway 24-South & Rest Acres Road (Brant Highway 24) Paris Simcoe
County of Brant 30 Oak Park Road (Brant Road 27) ----- -----
County of Brant 34 Highway 2 (Paris Road) Paris Brantford
City of Brantford 36 King's Highway 24-North & King George Road Cambridge
City of Brantford 38 Wayne Gretzky Drive

City of Brantford, 4 Interchanges

Brantford Downtown Via King George Road

County of Brantford 41 Garden Avenue
City of Hamilton 55 Highway 52 (Hamilton Road 52) Copetown Hamilton
City of Hamilton 58 Highway 2 (Wilson Street)


Population: 503 000

__ Interchanges

Hamilton Downtown via Highway 8 East (King Street)

City of Hamilton 60 (WB partial Interchange) Fiddlers Green Road (Hamilton Road 216)
City of Hamilton 61 King's Highway 6-South & Rymal Road-WB
City of Hamilton 64 Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway & Rousseaux Street-WB
City of Hamilton 69 Aberdeen Avenue (EB) & Highway 8 West
City of Hamilton 70 Highway 8 East (Hamilton Road 8, King Street)
City of Hamilton 73 (WB Partial Interchange) Highway 2 (York Boulevard)
City of Hamilton 74 King's Highway 6-North Guelph  
City of Burlington 78 (EB Partial Interchange) Waterdown Road Burlington
City of Burlington 82 Queen Elizabeth Way-Niagara Bound & Highway 407 ETR Toronto via QEW/403 Niagara via QEW Niagara Bound

EB: Multiplex with QEW Begins (Interchange numbers coincide with the QEWs mileage).  WB: Keep to the right to stay on Hamilton Bound 403.

City of Burlington 101 Brant Street (Halton Road 18)

City of Burlington

Population:  151 000

__ Interchanges

Burlington Downtown via Brant Street

City of Burlington 102 Guelph Line
City of Burlington 105 Walkers Line
City of Burlington 107 Appleby Line
Burlington - Oakville Boundary 109 Burloak Drive

Town of Oakville

Population:  145 000

__ Interchanges


Oakville Town Centre via Dorval Drive

Town of Oakville 111 Highway 25 (Bronte Street, Halton Road 25)
Town of Oakville 113 Third Line
Town of Oakville 116 Dorval Drive
Town of Oakville 117 (WB Partial Interchange) Kerr Street
Town of Oakville 118 Trafalgar Road (Halton Road 3)
Town of Oakville 119 Royal Windsor Drive
Town of Oakville --- (EB Partial Interchange) Queen Elizabeth Way-Toronto (Downtown) Bound

Toronto (Downtown) via QEW Toronto


EB:  Highway 403 Exits the QEW at exit 123.  WB:  Highway 403 merges with the QEW.

Town of Oakville --- (EB Partial Interchange) Ford Drive Oakville
Town of Oakville 104 (WB Partial Interchange) Upper Middle Drive
Oakville - Mississauga Boundary 106 Highway 5 (Halton Road 5, Dundas Street) Oakville Mississauga
City of Mississauga 109 Highway 407 ETR ----- -----
City of Mississauga 111 Winston Churchill Boulevard

City of Mississauga

Population:  704 000

7 Interchanges


Mississauga City Centre via Highway 10 South

City of Mississauga 112 Erin Mills Parkway (Peel Road 1)
City of Mississauga 117 Mavis Road
City of Mississauga 119 Highway 10 (Hurontario Street)
City of Mississauga 121 Eastgate Parkway & Cawthra Road (Peel Road 17)
City of Mississauga 122 Eglinton Avenue
City of Mississauga --- King's Highway 401 (Autoroute Macdonald Cartier Freeway) & King's Highway 410)

Brampton via 410

Toronto via 401
Highway 403 ENDS

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