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King's Highway 400 -

Highway 400 is South-central Ontario's major North - South highway.  It functions as a high speed commuter road, the major connection to Cottage County, and of course as a link to and from the communities the highway services.  Because of its triple function, Highway 400 is very busy on summer weekends, when both commuters and cottagers are using the highway. 

Recently, the MTO has been extending Highway 400 along Highway 69 towards Parry Sound and SudburyThe four-lane highway finally reached Parry Sound with the completion of the 'Whata Gap' in the Summer of 2008.'  Construction of a by-pass of Nobel was completed in late 2010, which saw Highway 400 extended to just north of Highway 559.  Beyond these projects, although the MTO is in the preliminary phases to extend the freeway beyond Nobel to Sudbury.

Old Style King's Highway 400 Shield

  Southern Terminus:  Highway 400 has a somewhat odd southern terminus, Highway 400 does not end at at an interchange with another road, rather provincial control ends at the Maple Leaf Drive underpass.

Northern Terminus:  (Updated late 2010) Highway 400 ends just north of the Highway 559 interchange in Carling Township.

Length:  (approx) 221km

Multiplexes:  35 km (approx) with Highway 69, 6.1 km with Highway 12

Freeway:  Entire Length

Trans-Canada Highway:  As the Georgian Bay route, from Highway 12 (South JCT.) to the 400's northern terminus.

AADT (2002):  Highest: 179,700, from Highway 401 northerly to Finch Avenue in Toronto;

                             Lowest:  8,000 from Muskoka Road 34/48 northerly to Georgian Bay Road.

Road Info:  Highway 400 is in good condition for its entire length.  400 is 14 lanes at its widest point (the short C-D system in Vaughan), but is for the most part a standard four lane freeway.  From Toronto to Barrie the 400 is for the most part six lanes, and from Barrie to Parry Sound it is for the most part four lanes.  The speed limit on Highway 400 is posted at 100km/h.


Highway 400 information:  

Detailed Route information available below
Virtual Tour and other photos of Highway 400
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Photographic History of Highway 400

Interchanges along Highway 400 from South to North

Proper Municipality Name Exit # Interchange Name North / West Control City* South / East Control City*

Highway 400 ends 400m south of the Jane Street interchange at the Maple Leaf Drive overpass

City of Toronto 20 Jane Street

City of Toronto

City of Toronto 21 King's Highway 401 (Autoroute Macdonald-Cartier Freeway)
City of Toronto 25 Finch Avenue
City of Vaughan 26 Highway 407 ETR ----- -----
Toronto - Vaughan Boundary 27 - NB Partial Interchange Steeles Avenue City of Toronto
City of Vaughan 29 Highway 7 (York Road 7, Highway 7)

City of Vaughan

Population: 231 000

4(SB), 6(NB) Interchanges

Vaughan City Centre Via Major Mackenzie Drive

City of Vaughan 31 - NB Partial interchange Langstaff Road (York Road 72)
City of Vaughan 32 - NB Partial Interchange Bass Pro Mills Road
City of Vaughan 33 Rutherford Road (York Road 73)
City of Vaughan 35 Major Mackenzie Drive (York Road 25)
Township of King 43 King Road (York Road 11) Nobleton King City
Township of King 52 Lloydtown-Aurora Road (York Road 16) Pottageville Aurora
Township of King 55 King's Highway 9 Orangeville Newmarket
Township of Bradford- West Gwillimbury 58 Canal Road ----- -----
Township of Bradford- West Gwillimbury 64 Highway 88 (Simcoe Road 88) Bond Head Bradford
Town of Innisfil 75 King's Highway 89 / Simcoe Road 89 Cookstown -----
Town of Innisfil 85 Innisfil Beach Road (Simcoe Road 21) Thornton -----
City of Barrie 90 Molson Park Drive City of Barrie
Population: 125 000
5 Interchanges

Downtown Via: Bayfield Street -SB, Essa Road -NB.

City of Barrie 94 Highway 27 (Essa Road)
City of Barrie 96 Highway 90 (Dunlop Street)
City of Barrie 98 King's Highway 26/Highway 27 (Bayfield Road)
City of Barrie 102 Duckworth Street
Township of Springwater --- King's Highway 11 (Formerly Highway 400A) Orillia, North Bay  
Township of Springwater 111 Forbes Road (Simcoe Road 11) Midhurst  
Springwater - Oro- Medonte Boundary 117 Horseshoe Valley Road (Simcoe Road 22) ----- Craighurst
Springwater - Oro- Medonte Boundary 121 King's Highway 93 / Simcoe Road 93 Penetanguishene, Hillsdale -----
Township of Oro- Medonte 131 Mount St Louis Road ----- -----
Township of Oro- Medonte 136 Moonstone Road (Simcoe Road 19) ----- -----
Township of Severn 137 - NB Partial Interchange Lower Big Chute Road Coldwater -----
Severn - Tay Boundary 141 King's Highway 12-East & Vasey Road (Simcoe Road 23) Waverly Coldwater
Severn - Tay Boundary 147 King's Highway 12-West & Simcoe Road 16 Victoria Harbour, Midland Orillia
Township of Severn 149 Quarry Road ----- -----
Township of Severn 153 Port Severn Road S. ----- Port Severn
Township of Georgian Bay 156 Muskoka Road 5 & Port Severn Road N. Honey Harbour Port Severn
Township of Georgian Bay 162 South Bay Road (Muskoka Road 48) & Muskoka Road 34) Honey Harbour -SB  
Township of Georgian Bay 168 Georgian Bay Road & Crooked Bay Road    
Township of Georgian Bay 174 South Gibson Lake Road (Muskoka Road 33)    
Township of Georgian Bay 177 Go Home Lake Road (Muskoka Road 32) & Muskoka Road 38 Bala -----
Township of Georgian Bay 182 Iroquois Cranberry Growers Drive   -----
Township of Georgian Bay 185 12 Mile Bay Road (Muskoka Road 12) -----  
Township of Georgian Bay 189 King's Highway 69 (South JCT) MacTier, Gravenhurst  
Township of Seguin 207 King's Highway 141 Rosseau, Huntsville  
Township of Seguin 213 King's Highway 69 (North JCT) & Rankin Lake Road ----- -----
Township of Seguin 214 Horseshoe Lake Road ----- -----
Township of Seguin 217 Oastler Park Drive & Bagger Road ----- -----
Township of Seguin 220 Secondary Highway 518 & Hunter Drive ----- Orrville
Town of Parry Sound 224 Bowes Street & McDougall Road Parry Sound -----
Town of Parry Sound 229 Parry Sound Drive / Hall's Quarry Road Parry Sound -----
Municipality of McDougall 231 King's Highway 124 / Parry Sound Drive Parry Sound, Nobel Sundridge
Municipality of McDougall 236 Avro Arrow Road Nobel  
Township of Carling 241 Secondary Highway 559 Killbear PP

Highway 400 ENDS just north of Bowes Street, where it becomes Highway 69.  Click here for Highway 69 information.

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