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Highway 518 is an east-west route running from Highway 69/400 south of Parry Sound to the small community of Kearney east of Highway 11 near Algonquin Park.  Before 1998 the highway continued east of Kearney wrapping around the Sand Lake finally terminating in the community of the same name.  The highways length was again shortened in 2001 when the first stage of the Parry Sound by-pass opened to traffic.  The highway was scaled back 1.8km when Highway 69 was routed onto the Parry Sound By-pass away from what is now Oastler Park Drive (Highway 7241).

Secondary Highway 518 Shield

  Western Terminus: Currently: Highway 69/400 interchange south of Parry Sound.

                                       Pre-Highway 400 Extension: Highway 69 north of Oastler Park.

Eastern Terminus:  Currently: Kearney West Limits.
                                       Pre-1998: Sand Lake Road

Length:  Current: 73.1km.  Pre-1998: 90.0km

Multiplexes:  None

Orientation: East-West

Regions Served: Parry Sound District

AADT (2004):  Highest: 1,500, from Scotia Road to Highway 592;

                             Lowest:  110, from Bordeau Road to Seguin Falls Road.

Road Info:  Highway 518 is very typical of most Central Ontario Secondary Highways.  It is paved with tar and chip, has a painted yellow centre-line for its entire length, and has an 80km/h speed limit.


Highway 518 information:  

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Communities and Intersections along and Highway 518 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road

Highway 518 is known as Hunter Drive between Oastler Park Drive and Highway 400

Township of Seguin ----- --- (0km) / --- (90.0km) Oastler Park Drive (Formerly Highway 69. Highway 7241)
Current Western Terminus of Highway 518 is located at Highway 69/400.  West of Highway 69/400, Highway 518 is known as Hunter Drive.
Township of Seguin ----- 0km (1.8km) / 73.1km (88.2km) King's Highway 69/400
Township of Seguin Haines Lake -----  
AT Star Lake Road:  EB: Turn Left towards Kearney.  WB: Turn Right towards Parry Sound
Township of Seguin Orrville 16.7km (18.5km) / 56.4km (71.5km) Star Lake Road
Township of Seguin ----- 30.9km (32.1km) / 42.8km (57.9km) Nipissing Road
Township of McMurrich/Monteith Bear Lake ----- -----
Township of McMurrich/Monteith Whitehall ----- -----
Township of McMurrich/Monteith Sprucedale 50.4km (52.2km) / 22.7km (37.8km) Stisted Road
Township of Perry ----- 62.8km (64.6km) / 10.3km (25.4km) King's Highway 11
At Deer Lake Road: EB: Turn Right towards Emsdale.  WB: Turn Left towards the Highway 11 interchange
Township of Perry ----- 63.0km (64.8km) / 10.1km (25.2km) Deer Lake Road
At Scotia Road (Formerly Highway 11):  EB: Turn left towards Emsdale and Kearney.  WB: Turn Right towards Highway 11 North.
Township of Perry ----- 64.9km (66.7km) / 8.4km (23.3km) Scotia Road (Formerly Highway 11)
Township of Perry Emsdale 65.2km (67.0km) /.7.9km (23.0km) Secondary Highway 592
Current Eastern terminus of Highway 518 is located at te Kearney Town Limits.  Within Kearney, Highway 518 is still known as such.
Perry - Kearney Boundary Kearney West Limits 73.1km (74.9km) / 0km (15.1km) -----
Town of Kearney (Former) Kearney East Limits --- (76.3km) / --- (13.7km) -----
Town of Kearney Sand Lake --- (90km) / --- (0km) -----
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