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Note:  Highway 7 through York; from the regions western boundary to at least Highway 48 (Main St / Markham Road) is know known as York Road 7 (Highway 7).  It was downloaded June 6th, 1997, only one day before Highway 407 opened, nice coincidence eh?  It is not clear whether the connecting link status was repealed between Highway 48 westerly to 9th Line or not.  That being said the intersection of Highway 7 and Highway 48 still refers the eastern  Highway 7 as an MTO maintained road (as the picture below illustrates.)

Highway 7 is the Central Ontario Route of the Trans-Canada Highway from Highway 12 (north junction) easterly to Ottawa.

Intersections and Communities Located along Highway 7 from Thornhill east to Peterborough:

Proper Municipality Name

Community Name

Major Intersection

Highway 7 through York region to at least Markham Road is known as York Road 7 (Highway 7)

Town of Richmond Hill Thornhill Highway 11 (Yonge Street, York Road 1)
Town of Richmond Hill Richmond Hill Bayview Avenue (York Road 34)
Richmond Hill - Markham Boundary Richmond Hill Leslie Street (York Road 12)
Richmond Hill - Markham Boundary Markham King's Highway 404
Town of Markham Markham Woodbine Avenue (York Road 8)
Town of Markham Markham Warden Avenue (York Road 65)
Town of Markham Unionville Kennedy Road (York Road 3)
Town of Markham Markville McCowan Road (York Road 67)

Highway 7 signage begins east of Highway 48 although it is unclear where provincial control actually begins

Looking East on Highway 7, in Markham.  Picture taken December 21st, 2003

Town of Markham Markham Highway 48 (Main Street / Markham Road)
Town of Markham Markham 9th Line (York Road 69)
Town of Markham   Markham By-Pass (York Road 48)
Town of Markham   Reesor Road
Town of Markham Locust Hill  
Markham - Pickering Boundary Green River York/Durham Line (York/Durham Road 30)
City of Pickering Brougham Brock Road (Durham Road 1)
City of Pickering   Highway 407ETR
City of Pickering Greenwood (By-pass) Westney Road (Durham Road 31)
City of Pickering Kinsale  
Pickering - Whitby Boundary   Lake Ridge Road (Durham Road 23)

Looking east towards Brooklin.  Picture taken December 21st, 2003

Town of Whitby Brooklin King's Highway 12-South & Winchester Road.  (Highway 7 runs concurrent with Highway 12 for 56 km)
Town of Whitby   Thickson Road (Durham Road 26)
Town of Whitby Myrtle Myrtle Road (Durham Road 5)
Town of Whitby Myrtle Station  
Township of Scugog Manchester King's Highway 7A & Durham Road 21 (Goodwood Road)
Township of Scugog   Reach Street (Durham Road 8)
Township of Scugog   Highway 47 (Durham Highway 47)
Township of Scugog Greenbank  
Township of Scugog Saintfield Saintfield Road (Durham Road 6)
Township of Brock   Durham Road 13
Township of Brock Blackwater  
Township of Brock Sunderland River Street (Durham Road 10)

Looking North on Highway 12.  Note the junction of the Central Ontario Route Trans-Canada Highway.  Picture taken December 24th, 2003

Township of Brock   King's Highway 12_North (Concurrent routing with Highway 12 ends)
Brock - Kawartha Lakes Boundary Manilla Simcoe Street (Durham/Kawartha Lakes Road 2)
City of Kawartha Lakes   Highway 46 (Kawartha Lakes Road 46)
City of Kawartha Lakes Oakwood Eldon  Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 6)
City of Kawartha Lakes   Elm Tree Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 18)
City of Kawartha Lakes Lindsay (By-Pass) King's Highway 7B/35_North (Kent St) (Highway 35 runs concurrent with Highway 7 for about 7km)
City of Kawartha Lakes Lindsay (By-Pass) Kawartha Lakes Road 4 (Angeline Street / Little Brittain Road)
City of Kawartha Lakes Lindsay (By-Pass) King's Highway 35_South / Highway 7B/35B (Kawartha Lakes Road 15) (Highway 35 concurrent routing ends)
City of Kawartha Lakes   Mount Horeb Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 31)
City of Kawartha Lakes Omemee Ski Hill Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 38)
City of Kawartha Lakes Omemee Sturgeon Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 7)
City of Kawartha Lakes   Emily Park Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 10)
Kawartha Lakes - Smith- Enmismore- Lakefield Boundary Fowlers Corners Highway 7B (Peterborough Road 1) & Kawartha Lakes Road 26.  (Highway 7 turns south bypassing downtown which is via Highway 7B)
Smith- Enmismore- Lakefield - Cavan- Millbrook- North Monaghan Boundary   Parkhill Road (Peterborough Road 3)
Cavan- Millbrook- North Monaghan   Peterborough Road 9 (Mount Pleasant Road / Sherbrooke Street)
Cavan- Millbrook- North Monaghan   Lansdown Street (Peterborough Road 5)

Prior to 1998 Highway 7 was Routed along Sir Sandford Fleming Road:

Cavan- Millbrook- North Monaghan   King's Highway 7A  (Highway 7_East turns east once again via Sir Sandford Fleming Road)
City of Peterborough   Airport Road
City of Peterborough   The Parkway, Highway 28 (Highway 28's routing has changed see page for details) & King's Highway 115

After 2003 Highway 7 took over Highway 7A's routing via Springville, and runs concurrent with Highway 115 closing the gap that was left after downloading

Cavan- Millbrook- North Monaghan   North Monaghan Parkway (Former Highway 7_East) - (Since Summer 2003 Highway 7 utilizes old Highway 7A alignment southward to King's Highway 115)

Looking west just north of King's Highway 115 towards Springville.  Picture taken December 20th, 2003

Cavan- Millbrook- North Monaghan Springville  
Cavan- Millbrook- North Monaghan   King's Highway 115 / Highway 28_(Peterborough Road 28)

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