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Highway 537 runs between Highways 69 and 17 in the southeast portion of the city of Sudbury.  In 1998 Highway 537 was shorted as the northern 3.6km was transferred to Sudbury.  The northern terminus of Highway 537 is now just south of the Finni Road junction.  Interestingly, Highway 537 is the only secondary highway to have not been downloaded in the mid-1970s shortly after the Regional Municipality of Sudbury was created.  Virtually all of Sudbury's rural Regional Roads were Secondary Highways before the Regional Municipality of Sudbury was formed.

Secondary Highway 537 Shield

  Southern Terminus:  Junction Highway 69 south of Wanup

Northern Terminus:  Pre-1997: Junction Highway 17 in Wahnapitae.
                                        Current: Highway 537 now ends at an illogical point 3.6km south of the Highway 17 junction.

Length:  Pre-1997: 19.0km.  Current:  15.4km.

Multiplexes:  None

Orientation: North-South

Regions Served: Sudbury District (City of Sudbury)

AADT (2002):  Highest: 3,200, from the Wahnapitae River bridge northerly to Finni Road;

                             Lowest:  680, from Highway 69 northerly to the Wahnapitae River Bridge.

Road Info:  The entire current length of Highway 537 is in excellent condition.  The route is paved with tar and chip for its entire length, and has centre-line markings.  The route has an 80km/h posted speed limit.

Communities and Intersections along and Highway 537 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
City of Greater Sudbury ----- 0km / 15.4km (19.0km) King's Highway 69
City of Greater Sudbury Wanup --- Old Wanup Road
City of Greater Sudbury St. Cloud --- -----
City of Greater Sudbury ----- 15.4km / 0km (3.6km) (Finni Road)
Current Northern Terminus of Highway 537 is located at Finni Road.  North of that junction the road is known as Sudbury Road 537, but is still signed as a provincial highway.
City of Greater Sudbury Wahnapitae --- (19.0km) / --- (0km) King's Highway 17
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