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Picture taken March 26th in Port Hope

  Highway 2 information that pertains to the London to Toronto Section:

Multiplexes:  a very short multiplex with Highway 19 in Thamsford, a ___ km multiplex with Highway 59. a ____ multiplex with Highway 53 from Brantford to Hamilton, a ____ km multiplex with Highway 8 in hamilton, before 1997 Highway 6 was routed along Highway

Freeway:  No

Heritage Highway:  Entire Length

Road Info:  Highway 2 is in pretty good shape for most of this section.  The Peel/Halton sections of Highway 2 are quite congested, but Highway 2 is always worth a drive.

Communities and Major Intersections along this section of Highway 2 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
In London, Highway 2 is now known as York Street
City of London London   Highway 4_North (Clarence Street)
City of London London   Wellington Road
City of London London   Adelaide Street (***********)
York Street/Florence Street
City of London London   Highbury Avenue (Formerly Highway 126)

EB:  Turn Right WB:  Turn Left

City of London London   Dundas Street (************)
City of London London   Clark Road
City of London London   Airport Road (Formerly Highway 100)
      Nissouri Road (Middlesex Road 27)
      Shaw Road (Middlesex Road 32)
  Three Bridges   Elgin Road (Middlesex Road 73)
  Thamesford   Highway 19_North (Oxford Road 119)
  Thamesford   Highway 19_South (Oxford Road 119)
  Rayside   31st Line (Oxford Road 7)
      37th Line (Oxford Road 6)
      43rd Line (Oxford Road 11)
      King's Highway 401
  Eastwood   Highway 53 (Oxford Road 55, Highway 53)
      Oxford Road 22
      Brant Road 130
Oxford Road 3 & Middle Townline Road (Brant Road 25)
      Brant Road 134
  Falkland   Brant Road 36
      Brant Road 16
  Paris   Rest Acres Road (Brant Highway 24)
  Paris   Highway 24A (Brant Highway 24A)
  Paris   Brant Road 14
      Highway 5 (Brant Road 5) & Brant Road 55
      Oak Park Road (Brant Road 27)
      Brant Road 23
      King's Highway 403
      Highway 54 South (Brant Road 18)
      Brant Road 17
      White Swan Road (Brant Road 8)
      Sunnyridge Road (Hamilton Road 203)
Highway 52 & Trinity Road (Hamilton Road 52)
  Duff's Corners   Highway 53_East (Rymal Road)
  Ancaster   King's Highway 403
  Ancaster   Fiddler's Green Road
  Ancaster   Jerseyville Road
  Ancaster   Rousseaux Street

Wilson Street /

City of Hamilton Highway 8-West
City of Hamilton     Cootes Drive
City of Hamilton     King's Highway 403 (EB acces ONLY)

Highway splits

City of Hamilton     King's Highway 403 (WB exit only)

Dundern Street Turn

City of Hamilton     York Boulevard
City of Hamilton     King's Highway 403 (EB exit only)
City of Burlington     Plains Road
City of Burlington     Waterdown Road

Plains Road turn

City of Burlington     Plains Road

Northshore Road turn

City of Burlington     Queen Elizabeth Way

Northshore Road/Lakeshore Road

City of Burlington     Lakeshore Road
City of Burlington     Brant Street
City of Burlington     Guelph Line
City of Burlington     Walkers Line
City of Burlington     Appleby Line
Burlington - Oakville Boundary     Burloak Road
      Bronte Road
      3rd Line
      Kerr Street
      Trafalgar Road
      Chartwell Road
      Ford Drive
      Winston Churchill Drive (Peel Road 19)
Lakeshore Southdown Road
City of Mississauga     Royal Windsor Drive & Southdown Road North
City of Mississauga     Mississauga Road
City of Mississauga     Highway 10 (Hurontario Road)
City of Mississauga     Cawthra Road
City of Mississauga     Dixie Road (Peel Road 4)
City of Toronto Etobicoke   Browns Line
City of Toronto Etobicoke   Kipling Avenue
City of Toronto Etobicoke   Islington Avenue
City of Toronto Etobicoke   Park Lawn Drive
City of Toronto     Gardiner Expressway

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