King's Highway 14 -

Highway 14 was downloaded in its entirety in April 1997.  Before this time, it ran from Highway 62 at Foxboro northwesterly to Highway 7 at Madoc. 

Highway 14 ends at Highway 7

  Southern Terminus: Junction Highway 62 just outside the community of Foxboro, north of Belleville.

Northern Terminus:  At Highway 7, in the town of Marmora

Length:  37.8 km

Multiplexes:  None, Highway 14 does not cross any other Provincial Highways, other then at its terminus.

Freeway:  No

AADT (1994):  Highest: 6,100, from Highway 62 northerly to Stirling;

                             Lowest: 3,150, from Stirling northerly to Marmora.

Status:  Totally downloaded in 1997.  Now known as the Foxboro-Stirling Road, and the Stirling to Marmora road.  Despite the fact that Hastings County no longer maintains a county road network, there are '14' flowerpots along the route.

Road Info:  Highway 14 is in reasonably good shape for its entire length.  It does, however, feel much more like a county road then many highways downloaded in the same era do.  Highway 14 between Marmora and Stirling is quite a smooth road, as it was recently repaved by local municipalities.  South of Stirling, Highway 14 is built to modern MTO standards, though its MTO pavement is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Communities and Major Intersections located along Highway 14 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
City of Belleville (Foxboro Bypass)   King's Highway 62
City of Belleville -----   Wallbridge-Loyalist Road (Hastings Road 1)
City of Belleville Chatterton   -----
  (Oak Lake)    
      Wellmans Road (Hastings Road 19)
  Spring Brook   Spring Brook Road (Hastings Road 38)
Township of Stirling- Rowlden (sp) Bonarlaw    
Municipality of Marmora and Lake Marmora   King's Highway 7

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